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8/28/2012 7:39:23 AM -
Catching up

Friday - ME Bench

Rev band bench pinkies on ring to manpon 585/635/640/645x1
OHP in rack w/bamboo bar and 180lbs of crazy bells 4x8
Banded fat bar pulldowns to belly 4x15 medium/slow tempo
Incline Tate presses 40 3x15 slow/medium tempo
Dbl hammer curls 30 3x10 medium tempo

Saturday - Lower Deload

Done as circuit
Rev band seated gm's 5x15
TKE's 5x15
Swiss ball hamstring curl 5x15
McGill situps 5x15
Calf raises 5x15

Sunday - Conditioning

Treadmill, 20 minutes hiit

Monday - DE Lower Deload

Swiss ball dbl bench 30/40/50/60x20
Close grip floor press 135/185/225/225x10 medium tempo
Blast strap scarecrows 3x10 medium tempo
Blast strap curls 3x10 medium tempo

OK, I'm back to work so I am falling behind on my log. However, I am not falling behind on my training. ME night was good. We trained at Beast again in Trumbull. The owner, Eric Eggers is great to us.

Saturday was not supposed to be a regular lower day, but my groin is torn up from river tubing, wish I had more time to tell that story. Anyway, it's my groin on the left which is different from the strain on my right from sled sprints and Bulgarian split squats. Hence the deload type session.

Monday was a legitimate deload. I could feel a shocking sensation in my forearms and elbows on floor presses. My body really told me I was correct in the deload.

Just wanted to note, the bench clinic at TPS up in the Boston area was a huge success. It was full. Everyone worked hard and learned a lot. We even had a few pr's. I don't usually expect that as sometimes you have to take a step back to go two steps forward. I will do a full post and have vid when I get a chance.

I'm keeping my own training a huge priority right now. Still have goals that need to be hit.

Boston Area Bench Clinics linked per permission of
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