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8/30/2012 7:16:19 PM -
Bench Day With Video

Today was the best workout post Morgan. My mom came up and was nice enough to stay up with the baby for two nights straight. With some good sleep I was optimistic about tonight’s workout. Today is the first week of a new mini cycle and its max reps time.

Warm up

Rumble roller: Entire back

Lacrosse ball: Delts, pecks, and upper back

Stick: Triceps, biceps, lats, and pecks

Indian clubs: 20 swings each arm

Mobility: Push up plus, wall slide, knee raise, for 3 sets of 8 each


135 for 10
205 for 5
290 for 3
365 for 1
405 for 8

Video of 405 for 8

This set was slow and each rep felt different. I was surprised to get 8 as the first 5 felt hard. I love the extra body weight. I was 259 today.

D.B bench

145’s for 14

Incline Tate press

25’s for 8
50’s for 8
75’s for 8


Solid workout tonight. It was short and sweet but I hit what I wanted to. 145’s for 14 on the d.b bench is a PR and I haven’t hit 405 for 8 in a long time. My 4 week reps prescribed only intro phase served me well. I felt fresh and didn’t notice any dings or pains warming up. Onward............

Scott Yard

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