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9/4/2012 4:31:55 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Do you even lift?

I really feel like I should set the record straight regarding something. There has been an internet craze going around for a couple years now, mostly among internet trolls and Facebookers. It’s all based around a picture of my head at an internet “meme” with the phrase “Do You Even Lift?” It has been all over the place, you see it everywhere on the internet. I guess since my head has now been attached to this phrase I have now been accredited with inventing it. I’ve even cashed in on it by making and selling hundreds of t-shirts with that saying on them. But the truth of the matter is I have NEVER once uttered that phrase in my life. Nope, not me, not even once, I don’t even find it particularly funny. I have been known to spout out many other phrases in the gym that are equally as blunt and hurtful but never that one. I’ll take credit for phrases like:

“Why are you a-holes just standing around?”

“Yeah, I remember my first five hundred pound deadlift too, it was the night before the big eighth grade dance.”

“Why am I even talking to you?”

“Who in the fuck taught you how to squat so upside down, ass backwards wrong?”

“No don’t move, I love when people fucking foam roll right where I’m deadlifting!”

“If I hear your cell phone ring one more time while I’m training I shit you not I’m going ram it down your throat. “

But I have NEVER actually said “Do you even lift?”

God it feels good to set the record straight.

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