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9/7/2012 2:09:03 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Thurs and Friday training plus other stuff

Thursday was a hectic day for me, I just had time to get in a quickie shoulder workout and since my shoulder is STILL in a bad way it wasn’t really anything impressive. I go in to see my ortho on the 18th to hopefully get a cortisone shot.

Super light standing presses in Smith machine: 6x15

Upright rows: 6 sets, pyramid weight up

Dumbbell rear delt raise: 6x12

Seated Hammer machine shrugs: 4x20

Standing abs: 4 x 12

After I trained I had to make a quick run up to Bethlehem PA to appear on a local cable show to promote the Celtic Classic Highland games that we put together up there this month. I had to wear my kilt and was interviewed by the host of the show about the festival and athletic competition. I’m not used to wearing my kilt on TV so I wasn’t very aware of how I was sitting but I can assure you I didn’t sit very ‘lady-like’. With the camera woman directly in front of me there is no telling how much footage she got of my exposed bean bag. I just hope they have enough pixels to blur out all my junk.

Today’s training was brutal. My hams and glutes were still sore from squatting on Tuesday.

135 x 10
135 x 10
225 x 8
225 + 120 in chains x 6
315 + 120 in chains x 5
405 + 120 in chains x 5
455 + 120 in chains x 3
495 + 120 in chains x 3
495 + 160 in chains x 1

Barbell rows:
135 x 12
185 x 12
225 x 10
275 x 8
325 x 6
325 x 6
325 x 10

Inverted rows: 4 x failure

My book, ‘Iron Sport Strength Method’ has come out in printed form in case anyone out there prefers that. The books can be ordered directly from me, just go to my website and click on the banner.

Also, the Learn to Train Seminar #5 if coming up next month. Here is a video of some attendees and coaches talking about LTT4 in which you can clearly see me dwarfing John Meadows. Keep checking in on for the registration to open any day now.

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