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9/10/2012 7:11:00 PM -
My Back training via John Meadows


This is what I was sent and what I did...

Back - 18 sets

Meadows row – Do a few warm ups to get the blood flowing. Get to a weight that is a pretty tough 10 and stay with it for 4 sets. 4 total work sets.

Goal – Get some blood flowing and pre-pump your lats.

Single hand pulldown – Do these with a supinated grip. Tilt your body back a bit, keep it there and drive your elbow straight down. Flex your lower lat hard at the bottom. Again, don’t pull with your bicep, drive your elbow down and squeeze your lat. Do 4 sets of 8 on each arm. Do all reps on one arm, then switch to other arm. 4 total work sets.

Goal – Additional blood flow in lower lats

Dumbell pullovers – Do 4 sets of 12 with our usual style of laying on the bench and not across it.. 4 total work sets.

Goal – Constant tension on your lats.

Smith bent over rows – I want 3 explosive sets of 6 on here. Drive your elbows up hard! 3 total work sets.

Goal – Train explosively

Banded hyperextensions – Do 3 sets to failure as usual. If you want to get a little crazy on your last set, use multiple bands, go to failure, and drop band. It’s a band drop set! Extremely intense and painful. We use 3 bands and do about 15, and drop a band each time all the way to no band at all. 3 total work sets

Goal – Max Spinal erector pump


Machine Presses
* many warm up sets
* progressively work up to a heave set of 8. We have a weight stack on the machine and I don't see a need to tie extra weight on so for the last set I did as many reps as I could get (30)

Slight Incline Reverse Band Press
* warm up sets = many
* 5 work sets of 5
* worked up to 490 using strong band

Slight Incline Smith Press
* 2 warm up sets
* sets of 15,13,11,9 and 7 reps

* 3 sets to failure

Blast Strap Push Ups
* 3 sets to failure

Side Raises super set with Band Up and Outs
* 4 rotations (15 for side raise and 10/10 for up and outs)

Rear Delt Swings
* 3 sets 30 reps with 50 pounds

The program I am on just switched to a 7 day a week program so I'm interested to see how long I can run this before I need a day off. Nutritionally I should be able to recover so I can see this going on for some time. Plus, an arm day is almost the same as a day off anyhow.

My oldest son (the one that inspired my series about Autism) decided he wanted to start training with the goal of 17 sessions before Christmas. Where he got this number from I have no idea but he's ready to roll and we did the first session last night.

There are MANY challenges training children and even more when they are your own, add in him having Asperger syndrome and things get very interesting. The Programing of Training has always been one of the things I enjoy the most and find extremely interesting. His training development and progression (science) follows the same process of anyone else (not 100% true but close enough). It's the application that will be the tricky and challenging part.

The first and most important goal has been achieved...

Him WANTING to do this.

As someone who has spent their life in the gym knowing the positive impact this can have on his social, physical and mental skills the hardest thing in the world for me was waiting for him to WANT to do it.

Both of my boys have been around the gym before they could walk but I refuse to train or work with either of them unless they WANT to. This is too important to be something that is forced onto them that they would grow up not liking or understanding.

This is not to say they have not messed around in the weightroom for years. They both have been doing "unorganized" training for years. I would call this more play than training. Now it will be more organized play.

This along with being my 17th wedding anniversary made yesterday a very good day.

Dave Tate

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