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9/18/2012 12:16:45 PM -
An Important Lesson

As expected, we won big on Saturday. We actually did a lot better than I thought we were going to. We were playing a very good team from a lower division—one that’s given us problems in past years (they beat us a few years ago, if I remember correctly). We absolutely destroyed them. Our starters were pulled by halftime, in fact. This, however, is not what I want to address today.

What I want to discuss is what happened after the game, and the bearing this has on what makes a successful team—and successful kids when you’re done coaching them.

This game was held on a (sort of) neutral field. It was a home game for us because this field was closer to our school than to theirs. When it was all over, and both teams were on the way to the buses with their shit, our head coach noticed that there was garbage strewn all over the field—Gatorade bottles, tape, plastic bags, and all kind of other crap. Most of it was on their side, although, admittedly, we’d left some of our own.

Our head coach blew a gasket and made our kids go out and clean up the field. After winning a game by more than six touchdowns, our guys were combing the entire place, picking up the garbage left on the field by the team they’d just kicked the shit out of. I thought this was awesome. It was the ultimate way of telling our guys, “You’re just better than them. Everywhere, and in every way.”

All that shit they left on the field? That’s why they suck, and that’s why you just humiliated them. The lesson was drummed in, and I thought it was a great one.

Want to coach a successful program? It’s all in the details, and this is one of them. If you leave a shitload of garbage on someone else’s field after a game, that’s probably an indicator, and there are about fifty other reasons lined up behind that one why you suck.

Always teach,
Angry Coach

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