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9/18/2012 3:05:07 PM - Steve Pulcinella

Today was the big day of my ortho doc appointment. I went to my main man Dr Jack Kazanjian who put my knee back together again last summer and who also has re-attached the biceps tendons on just about every Iron Sport strongman so far. I send this guy so much business that I should get my next major surgery for free. He probably has a boat called the S.S. Iron Sport from all the coin he has made off of us. Since Jack knows that putting boulder shoulders like mine into an MRI machine is a tighter squeeze than Jerry Sandusky’s boyfriend he didn’t even waste his time. He tested my shoulders out the old fashioned way and pinpointed the potential problem. The prognosis was that it was most likely a torn or partially torn rotator cuff. We just decided to try a cortisone injection to see if that calmed it down. I hope so because just reaching out to pick up a sugar packet hurt my freaking shoulder. He then plunged that sweet nectar deep into my deltoid and sent me on my way, it feels a little better, just a little sore from where the needle went in. Hopefully I get some relief from it in the coming days.

I came back to the gym and had time for a quick squat workout. Want to hear something pathetic? My legs still weren't recovered from walking my freaking dog on Sunday. My wife suggested we go take a walk through this arboretum near our house which in my defense is quite hilly. She is fantastic shape and weighs half of what I weigh and is walking her 12lb Yorki-poo. Meanwhile I'm working with a busted up knee, two busted ankles and dragging around the laziest American Bulldog known to man. I don't know who was more spent after that walk, me or poor old Buster. At least I'm back on my feet again, he has yet to move his fat ass from his doggy bed since Sunday.

Raw, high-bar Back Squat:
60kgs x 8
80 x 6
100 x 5
125x 5
145 x 3
165x 2
185 (407lbs) x 10 singles

Light, high rep, leg extensions: 4x20

GH Raise: 5x15

Standing abs: 4x10

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