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9/19/2012 6:44:09 AM -
Monday - DE Bench and talking to myself

Foam roll
Dynamic warmup
DE bench 300+4 chains comp grip 9 or 10x3, lost count
Chain suspended close grip bench w/legs up 425 2x5, 1x8
Underhand pulldowns 90 6x10

Great session. Each set on DE bench got better. I was reciting cues in my head, maybe even out loud, for each set. "Eyes back, tuck, meet the bar." The last set felt like it was jumping out of my hands. Pushed the chain suspended work. I have really gotten good about not just doing prescribed reps. Gotta get better when the body allows it. Was spent and cut my last three assistance exercises and just did the underhand pulldowns instead. I figured it hit lats, upper back, and biceps all at once anyway. I am not certain whether that is laziness or wanting to dial things in, now that I'm a month out. Meet day will tell.

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