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9/19/2012 10:57:34 AM -
Squat / Pull Day with video

Warm up

Soft tissue work:

ELITEFTS roller for ITBs, quads, and hips.
Rumble roller for back and hams.
Lacrosse ball for upper back and low back.

Mobility work:
8 movements of 8 reps each done back to back


It was just me and Boh tonight so I had to go by fee with depthl tonight. I decided to just make sure each rep was well below parallel and not be too worried if I didn’t hit my goal for reps.

135 for 5 2 sets
225 for 3
335 for 2
405 for 2
475 for 2
540 for 5

540 for 5 squat video

I ended hitting my goal reps and after watching the video I was very pleased with my depth. I am rounding a hair in my upper back but over all I’m content. I’m extremely stiff with my current sleep schedule so it is to be expected. It could be worse though so I can’t complain.

Sumo Pull.

245 for 3
325 for 2
425 for 1
525 for 1
575 for 6

575 for 6 Sumo video

I hit my rep goal tonight but my technique was not its best. I need to get my but down a hair more. I feel pretty comfortable with my upper back which is new but still need to focus on getting lower.


I warmed up with 225 and my low back was so pumped with blood I decided to shut these down. I had 2 great top sets tonight and I walked away tonight. No need to push it if things are going well.

I ended the night with 2 super sets of Glute hams and Leg exts. I did 10 reps each back to back 2 times.

Tonight was a solid workout. I did what I planned and felt good about the quality of the work. My low back was blasted but it didn’t hurt. It was just super pumped. More mobility and soft tissue work will make this ok. Next week is a deload week and I am due. It couldn’t come at a better time.

Scott Yard

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