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9/19/2012 5:36:40 PM -
Light Chest and Delts

* 2 warm up sets
* 4 work sets of 12 reps

* Tons of warm up sets
* Some light Dynamic Work with 135 & 185
* Rep set with 225 (still kinda sucked but was better than last time)

* 3 sets to failure

* 3 sets 30

* 3 sets of 30

* 4 sets 12

In case you are wondering the rug is to limit my ROM. My shoulder get beat to hell if I take the bar to my chest unless I use a big arch. I don't want to deal with the "arch hell" with 225 - and the dynamic work I was doing before hand. I also didn't want to use the shoulder saver pad because I want to see just how bad this will screw up my shoulder. Sounds stupid but I have been doing some things to try to increase the ROM and this is my way to test if it is really helping or not. It's also why I keep the weight at 225.

This video is from a couple weeks ago that shows another way to use the EZ Squat - Bench Loaders

Description from You Tube:
For this work set the group warmed up to 275 with one elitefts™ Strong Onyx Band Per Side and 2 chains per side. Using the elitefts™ EZ Chain Loaders 2 chains were added after every 3 reps until 3 reps could no longer be completed. This kept the weight the same at the bottom of the lift but increased the demand at the top end of the strength curve.

Dave Tate

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