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9/21/2012 10:42:49 AM -
Five Things Not to Say to a Special Needs Parent

Here is a facebook post my wife made summarizing this article.


Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid!
Ordinary moms (and imperfect sisters) on raising children with disabilities
by Gina Gallagher and Patricia Konjoian

Five Things Not to Say to a Special Needs Parent


Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid!

This would be great to post in the They are NOT Angry Birds column but it's not original material - but it's still worth sharing.

The Summary

Five Things Not to Say to a Special Needs Parent

1.“I don’t know how you do it”

a.“We “do it” because we don’t have a choice.”

2.“Give me your kid for a week and I’ll whip him into shape.”

a.“We would love to think our children’s struggles were a result of our parenting mis
takes. We can control those.”

3.“You poor thing.”

a.“We want you to be compassionate. Yes we have challenges, but there are also many joys that other parents will never understand… like when our kids get invited to a birthday party or make a friend.”

4.“I’m so lucky, my kids are healthy.”

a.“My special needs child has given me the gift of compassion, taught me unconditional love, made me less judgmental, and helped me appreciate the family and friends who have supported us. Sounds pretty healthy to me.”

5.“If that were my kid, he’d be different.”

a.“No, if that were your kid, YOU’D BE DIFFERENT.”

Dave Tate

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