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9/25/2012 7:43:54 PM -
Squat / Pull day with videos

I decided to do some testing tonight instead of my planned deload. I had a terrible night of sleep but felt surprising well all day. I figured if I can have a descent day after last night I can have a descent day any time. It went well but I still have some work to do.

Warm up

Mobility work: Mike Robertson mobility circuit: 8 movements for 1 set of 8 each.

Soft tissue work: Rumble roller on back. ELITEFTS roller on legs. Lacrosse ball on pecs, delts and upper back. 15-20 second on each area.


145 for 5
235 for 3
325 for 2
415 for 1
505 for 1
600 for 2
645 for 1

Video of 645 for 1

I got a little hung up mid way and was rounding pretty bad. I was able to finish but just barely. I had the bar a hair high. I rushed my set up and that’s what happens. I pleased please with the depth and quality of the lift though.

Sumo deadlift

245 for 2
345 for 2
425 for 1
515 for 1
675 for 1

Video of 675 for 1

This is the most I have ever hit on the sumo and it felt good. This lift is coming along and I do think I can make this lift a success for me……Eventually.

Block pull

700 for 2

Video of 700 for 2 block pull

In spirit of my old ways I jumped 50 lbs from last mini cycle and things felt solid. I planned for a single but I just rolled into the second rep without thinking about it.


Thing are going well and I am the strongest I have been all year. Unfortunately I am still hovering at 260. I’m very torn about my intentions for this meet. Do I diet to 242 or stay at 260? I just can’t decide. I’m hoping for some clarity soon. My brain is scattered and my focus is limited. Something will happen that motivates me and I’ll make a decision soon. I hope.

Scott Yard

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