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9/26/2012 8:25:22 AM -
Monday - Last Heavy DE Bench

Foam roll upper and lower
Dynamic warmup
Med ball chest passes
DE Bench 320 w/4 chains, comp grip 9-12x3

Each set got better than the last. The first set or two always feel like death. I started calling out my cues "Eyes back, elbows in, meet the bar" before each set and it really helped. A few of the sets felt crazy good. I hope I can perfect this form. It'd odd, It feels like the weight is getting behind my wrists. When it happens, the weight just catapults off my chest. I hope I can recreate this on this Friday's ME bench.

Now within three weeks from the meet I decided to cut out assistance on this day. I just wanted to push the DE work and I did. I actually lost count of the sets. However, it was going so well I didn't care.

Interstingly my pec/shoulder/bicep tendon is feeling really good today. I always thought it was benching that irritated it. Now with taking away assistance, I can't help but think some of those smaller movements could be causing the irritation. Regardless, I feel good. I just need to train smart for the next 2.5 weeks.

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