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10/2/2003 - Paul Childress
last two weeks of training

9/19 ME squat/dl
chain supported GM worked up to 500x5 felt good. stopped there, backs feeling much better did not what to go backwards

reverse hyper 3x10 250

seated band curls 3x15 green band

standing crunches

9/21 DE bench
speed bench 9x3 245

5 board press worked up to 550x3

face pulls 3x20 150

DB cleans 3x20 25

decline situps 3x15

9/23DE squat
speed squat 5x2 blue band, 2x2 415,2x2 465, 1x2 505 back feels great,just didn't what to push it just yet.

GHR 3x15

bent row 2x10 365 1x25 315

shrugs 3x15 500

straight leg sit-ups 3x10 155

9/24 ME bench
shirt work worked up to 405 w/out shirt 500x1, 585x1, 635x1, 660x1 felt strong had more in me

DB ext 5x10 100

DB press 3x20 100

one arm row 3x15 100

leg raises 3x20

9/26 ME squat /dl
pulled from #3 pin sumo worked up to 900x1 PR strong pull every thing feels good backs 100%

stiff leg DL 3x5 405

decline sit-ups 3x15 100

called it a day!!

9/28 DE bench
start circa max bench 9x3 225 Mmini

SSB ext 3x8 315

front plate raise 3x20 45

one arm pull downs 3x15 75

standing crunches 3x20 100

9/30 DE squat
5 weeks out start strength speed 5x2 blue & purple 505x4 sets 600x1 set felt very strong had great bar speeed

speed DL 3x1 500 3x1 585 sumo felt good to pull off the floor. first time since i hurt my back

GHR 3x10 inclined 12"

straight leg sit up 3x10 185

10/1 ME bench
two board cambered bar worked up to 525x1 PR felt good had more

tate press 5x25 50

standing crunches 3x15 100

called it a day! spent way too much time coaching today. now that my computer is fixed and most of the remodeling is done at work i will be posting my workout on a normal basis. less that 5 week of training everthing feels very good. body weight is up, this morning 328

Paul Childress

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