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10/1/2012 4:42:22 PM -

One hell of a ride to this meet. I don't mean getting there, I mean the entire engagement/time of my USPA OLYMPIA efforts. I had a blast training for this meet. Not only did it give me the opportunity to prepare for something I was incredibly hungry to do well in but also train with a dedicated, helpful and devoted training partner - Michael Greeno. Right now, the gym is awesome. We have a bad ass crew on Saturdays with Sam Bremer, Markus Veirs, Michael Greeno, Josh Wilson and whom ever else shows up.

More importantly, on a selfish note, this was the first training cycle EVER where I completed every rep and set drawn up. I'll touch on why I think it was possible later on.

Here is the meat and potato's of the event:

Day of the meet, I felt fantastic. Everything felt light in warm-ups. I felt good warming up. It was awesome feeling this way. Here is how I took my warm ups:

Bar x 10
135 x 3 x 8,5,3 reps
Suit on
315 x 2
495 x 1
595 x 1 *straps up

1st attempt - 666 x blew out my suit
*I had some issues with the king squatter suits. I kept ripping seams in small fragments, the thread seemed to keep unraveling. My last king suit looked like it was going to go before this meet, so at the meet I opted for a Viking Squatter, it was probably 1 size too small. then again, it came it on so maybe not. Regardless I completely blew out the leg.
**After this, the powerlifting community is unlike any other, I had four people immediately offer me suits. It felt awesome to have this kind of consideration. The one that fit best happened to be Becky Ritch's LOL, a 123 or 132lb female. SHIT! either I wear shit tight or she wears things loose?

2nd attempt - 705 x called on depth.
*the judging at this meet, was perhaps the best judging I have ever experienced. Tight and competitive, but best of all consistent unlike any meet I have seen judged.

3rd attempt - 738 GOOD
*I think I just barely got this one in. Need to work on depth....

My shoulder hurt NONE
Bar x 45
135 x 2 x 8
185 x 2
225 x 2
275 x 2
Shirt on
365 x 1 @ 2board
405 x 1 @ 1board

1st attempt - 442 Good
2nd attempt - 458 Good
3rd attempt - 485 Good
*Rob Luyando came to help out for this event. It's my Achilles heel. He nailed the attempts and made this event easy as hell for me. Thanks bud....

This lift is slowly become my nemesis
225 x 5
315 x 3
405 x 1
suit on
495 x 1
585 x 1
*All the warm ups felt light, I felt extremely confident going in. I honestly felt 705 was a go.

1st attempt - 628 Good
2nd attempt - 666 Good
*this suddenly, despite how easy my opener was, turned out to be a bitch. I was confused as all hell as to what happened to my strength.
3rd attempt - 683 X
*this was a 17lb jump, and I missed it. as it started to come up I couldn't hold on to it. It moved slow and took over to break ground. I was seriously mystified by what happened between my first to my 2nd,3rd.

I finished with a 1890 total. Not happy about it at all. But happy I was able to perform and enjoy myself. I really did enjoy this meet. Steve Denison did an amazing job running it. Professionally done from top to bottom. Judging was the BEST I have seen. Lifters were top notch, warm up room was great, venue was tremendous obviously. This is a meet, that if it can work out I will be a part of for as long as I can and as long as the USPA will have me.

I have other vids, will get those up here soon, they are of better quality

To the drawing board now. Not sure what's next, I had every ounce of excitement drained from me two weeks ago during a meeting with our home builder. He said our house should be completed the first or 2nd week of March, which means the XPC finals at the Arnold are OUT! FUCK ME!

So now, I have no clue what to do. What I do know is the last two meets I have entered both feeling amazing. Performing strong and best of all confident. This is a attribute of having Landon Evans help me with my training. He has seriously helped me out a ton. His knowledge and delivery of work is unlike anything else. I owe a huge thank you to Landon. He really nails it. I couldn't say enough about him as a strength coach. I cold go on and on. So, hopefully whatever is next, he's on board.

As always, I owe a huge gigantic thank you to Dave and Tracy Tate. Their generosity and support is amazing. Dave never questions me and always is there to offer words of wisdom, support and encouragement. I have really not just learned to appreciate his views but embrace his support. It reflects on his staff, which makes all that much better. Steve Colescott and Rhonda are there to help out and address any concerns/challenges present. It really does feel like a team with these guys, and I love that about ELITEFTS.COM.

Last but not least, I have to train my everyday family and friends. I love the team we have. Greeno, Sam, Markus, Josh, Convict, CC, Brad and the stoneandbarbell club owners are just downright awesome people. I'm beyond thankful for these guys.

And for the automatic, I cannot be who I am without my God, wife and children. Thank you for your endless love.

Stop HEROIN, how many more?,
Al Caslow

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