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10/2/2012 9:40:47 PM -
Leg Day Hell

Before I begin this post I need to note that I didn't want to train today at all. Actually I have been in some kind of funk for the past couple weeks where I haven't wanted to train. Today was no different and to make matters worse I had to push my training time back to 6:00 instead of my normal time around 2:00. I will rarely skip or miss a session so no matter how bad I don't want to do it I still go do what I have to do.

Today was REALLY bad because I went home first and REALLY didn't want to go back at all. I went in anyhow and it was good I did because I finally broke out of my funk and my bat shit crazy training self came back. I spent the next 2 hours trashing the shit out of myself.

Some pics and videos from the training.

When I got there everyone was gone and the gate was locked. This was perfect for what was about to happen.


We had new lights installed for the seminar. Well not really for the seminar because we really needed to replace the lights we had with more energy efficient ones. I kinda think I like the darkness better but pictures will look better.


The session started with...

* 4 warm up sets of 15
* 4 work sets of 8

Then I moved onto...

* Tons of warm up sets of 8.
* The plan was to work up to my heaviest set of 8 - but do as many as I could. I did 16, then do 3 drop sets.
* That VOID thing I wrote about in my last t-nation article. Well this was what I was talking about.

I then had a brilliant idea to film my thoughts seconds after the set was over. So while leaning on the Reverse Hyper this is what was filmed.

* 3 warm up sets
* 6 sets of 5 reps - dynamic / explosive

* 4 SETS 25

* 2 sets to the gate. It's not that far but for me it's a LONG ASS WAY.


* 3 double sets

That was it, I was down for the count and spent the next 15 minutes on the floor. While I was there I noticed a TON of Bat Shit under the leg press.


Dave Tate

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