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10/3/2012 2:16:56 PM - Steve Pulcinella
When did this all happen?

I know a lot of you who have just arrived onto the gym scene are used to this but I need to know something. When in the FUCK did gyms and health clubs turn into libraries?

It used to be that it was perfectly acceptable to hear some plates rattling, barbells and dumbells hit the floor now and then and maybe a few grunts. These were the noises that a freaking gym makes! Just like when you go to a bowling alley you hear pins crashing and people laughing and having a good time, when you go to a night club you hear very loud music, when you go to casino you hear annoying bells and whistles constantly and at the mall between September and January you are forced to listen to those horrible carols. It is just the normal background noises of the environment that you are in. I just don't get it, is ANYONE really that taken aback when they hear the noises of weights when they willingly stepped into the weightroom? How did society get so brainwashed into going along with these rules? Why are we constantly trying to pussify this entire country?

The kid deadlifting in this video is doing nothing wrong, other than joing this shitty health club, and that idiotic women sticks her big fat head in there and assumes that when a barbell touches the floor actually makes a sound that it's too much weight for the kid. I actually find her ridiculous outfit much more disturbing than the noise the kid was making. She must have ran and alerted the manager and a whole team of polo shirted douchebags descend on the poor kid. Towards the end of the video the kid is about to get reamed for filming his deadlifts as well. There is just so much wrong going on in this one video that it makes baby Jesus cry.

I just hope that while this woman is at that health club, thinking she looks young and hot, bitching out that poor kid who's just trying to do a few round back sumos her husband is at work banging his secretary with her picture face down on his desk.

Speaking of gyms, I just opened up my first international franchise in Mexico. Here is our new commercial. Wish us luck!

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