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10/7/2012 7:50:10 AM - Steve Pulcinella
This is the kind of stuff that gets you thrown out of the 'friend' zone.

I've had quite a busy weekend what with single handedly holding down the entire EliteFTS website since all the other writers are at the LTT having the time of their lives. I don't think anyone else has even posted anything since Thursday other than me. That's ok Dave, I got this!

Interesting fact, so far this week I have had to cut bait on two so-called facebook friends for making status updates that were so freaking sickening to me that I just had to let them go. (Yes, even worse tham Chris Vaughn's political rant posts) In a feeble attempt to sound all hard core these two guys instead made the douchiest, tool-boy posts ever seen in social media. Also keep in mind that these ass kickers live within three miles of Iron Sport Gym making it a hundred times more pathetic.

The first guy got the axe by exclaiming this inspirational gem: "P90X Legs and Back plus Ab Ripper..GET IT!"

The second guy was proudly exclaiming that he was heading to Planet Fitness and then used the phrase "GORILLA TIME!"

And their tremendous physiques showed the fruits of these labors as well.

C'mon guys it's ambarrassing enough that one of you is popping in a video and getting jiggy with it in your living room. The other one is killing it in a gym without a single actual barbell, that also may or may not be serving gorilla cookies to their guests that day. But do you guys really have to go public with it like that? I would actually give them bigger props if they had a Chuck Norris home gym and were doing flyes while sliding up and down on that little machine. It's a real shame they are too scurrrrred of my gym. They could really go full on gorilla, beast mode down here I bet.

Yes, I have a lot of free time on my hands.

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