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10/15/2012 9:22:10 AM -
This weeks training plan - lesson learned

This will be the 2nd week of 3 that will be "off training". I did do some very light back work on Sat and light chest and shoulders on Sunday. By light I mean sets of 10-12 with weight I could do 20-30 reps with.

The first week off sucked and each day got worse as the week went on. All of my joints hurt and I pretty much felt like shit.

Going back many weeks I had some groin issues that I worked around by wrapping it when I squatted. This then began to spend into my hip and glute making it hard to walk. A couple weeks later it started to impact my lower back coming to a head the week before the learn to train seminar. The first day of the seminar put this all over the edge by being on my feet all day. I think this is all actually due to the herniated discs I have in my lower back but without an MRI who knows. It's just the best guess I have right now. Anyhow the area (lowerback, hips and glute) were (and are) what I call hot. This means there is a very dull ache throughout the region 24/7.

Here is the lesson I learned last week. I spent a ton of time using a rumble roller and lacross ball and the issue didn't get better. So I did more roller and ball work and added in heat (hot tub) and some corrective type exercises. Most of these movements I couldn't do a single rep on. After one week it got worse and worse every day to the point I couldn't sit for longer than a few minutes and there wasn't a single position that was comfortable.Sleeping was also out of the question. I quickly went from trying to get relief to pain management.

Saturday I did find some relief with some band distraction but once I got home and started using the ball again it fired back up.

Sunday was a repeat of Sat except I when I got home after training it did feel better. I had work to do so I didn't hit the roller and ball until later. Right after I did the pain came back full force.

That is when I sent Dr Ryan Smith a text asking if what I was doing could actually be making the problem worse. At this point I actually knew it was flaring it up and just needed to have my thought process validated.

soon I got his text back saying that what I was doing could be irritate and inflame the glute and piriformis muscle and that if I was hitting it too deep it could put pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Long story short. I stopped using the ball and roller, switched from heat to ice and within 4 hours felt 1000x better.

The lesson learned is sometimes what you think it helping is actually extending or making the problem worse.

I should have known because I have found the same thing with my uppeback and shoulders (using the ball and rumble roller on my traps, delts, and rotator cuff). I am good with a regular ruller but the harder - deep stuff cause more inflammation. While other people love these things they do not work well for the issues I have.

Now that I have this situation under control I will stay according to plan and take the next two weeks off but will do stability and mobility work to get my back and hip ready for the next training cycle.

I can't remember a single time in my life I have ever taken 3 weeks of training so this should be interesting.

I fully expect to get fatter, weaker, and smaller but hopefully very rested and better to ramp up for the next training phase.

The next phase should be very interesting because the training I have been doing (aka - John Meadows Mt Dog Training) wasn't easy. Now I have John saying we need to take 3 weeks off to get ready for the next phase.


That's all that is going through my mind.

Dave Tate

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