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10/15/2012 3:24:26 PM - Steve Pulcinella
The AOBS dinner and mondays training

Saturday was the Annual AOBS (Association of Oldtime Barbell Strongmen) dinner up in Newark NJ. The wife and I drove up there in the afternoon, no it wasn’t a romantic getaway, I basically need her to drive me places due the fact that I can’t drive three miles without falling asleep. When you arrive at the Airport Marriot lobby it’s always a bizarre scene of old time lifters everywhere chatting and catching up on old times. We checked in and mingled a bit and then caught the afternoon strength demo show. The show always features some of the up and coming performers and god damn these guys are really impressive. There are guys out there that most big strong lifters never heard of that can bend steel and break things that you can’t imagine ever being done by a human. Men like Chris Ryder, Pat Povilaitus, Chris Shoeck, Dennis Rogers, Sonny Barry, Mike “The Machine” Bruce, Steve Weiner, etc. if you ever get a chance to see any of these guys perform they will amaze you I promise.

After the show there is time to just hang out and catch up with old friends and meet some old time legends of the iron game. Some of legends that were attending this year include: Marv Eder, Richard Sorin, Kim Woods, Bruce Wilhelm, Jon Kolb, Lee James, Tommy Kono, Ike Berger, Slim “The Hammerman” (who hits on my wife every time we see him) Dennis Rogers, Russ Testo, The Mighty Stephan, Stanley “Stanless Steel” Pleskin

I was asked by two of my buddies, who were going to do the main performance after the dinner on the main stage, Pat “The Human Vise” Povilaitus and Steve “I don’t have a nickname yet” Weiner to be a part of their act. As it turns out they both wanted to use my 275lb body as dead weight and lift me in various ways. As we were in the back stage area practicing our buddy Bruce Wilhelm comes running around the corner spouting his usual barrage of loud insults towards us, so loud that some guy in a business suit came out of another banquet room and sternly told him to be quiet. I busted his balls for letting some pussy in a business suit talk the two time Wolds Strongest Man like that. I just wanted to see old Bruce kick the guy’s ass.

Dinner was the usual dry chicken and pasta. I sat at a table with two of the true legends of strength, Slim The Hammerman and Dennis Rogers along with Mike Bruce, Pat and Weiner. Afterwards Pat and Weiner put on an outstanding show for everyone. The picture you see here is Steve Weiner hoisting me up on his shoulders and then reaching down to pick up 400lbs with one hand. If only we had said “No Homo” beforehand my reputation would be safe. I have no idea how I get talked into this stuff. Steve is the master of crazy combo lifts like that. Pat’s act is simply brutal, he just gets this totally crazy look in his eyes and then absolutely crushes some big horseshoes and bends some short but very thick steel bars. Next he puts his hands through the cylinders of a Chevy 350ci engine block then picks it up and tears a deck of playing cards with 240lbs hanging off his arms in a half curled position like that. Pat then closes the show by lifting a 300lb polished granite ball into his lap as he breaks a Louisville Slugger over his bare head. If that isn’t enough pain for one man Pat then attached a cougar trap to 275lb Ford 460ci engine block, stuck his hand into the trap to the horror of everyone watching and then with the trap clamped tightly on his fingers he picks up the engine block with that hand using only the crushing force of the trap. A truly sick man!

My chest and triceps training today: Very light day.

Bench press- LIGHT day: I just worked up to 225lbs 4x12, 185lbsx20
Flyes: 55lbs 5 x 25
Bar triceps push-ups: 4 drop sets (with 20kg plate on my back)
Dumbbell kickbacks: 4x15
Rope push-downs: 4 x 15

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