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10/18/2012 12:09:20 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Wednesday- Yoke and bi's

Today was just an odds and ends sorta day. I hit some traps/neck/biceps with a side of skin splitting pump complete with rippling cock veins.

Shrugs with 4 Inch Cambered Bar
135 x 20
185 x 20
225 x 20
275 x 20
275 x 20
275 x 20
275 x 20 Try shrugging with this bar sometime. It's awesome

Seated Hammer shrugs
3PPS- 4 x 15

Barbells reverse curls (performed inside of the Power Rack - Collegiate Power Rack yeah, I said it. I curled in the mother f*cking squat rack.

6 sets of 10

Bent over concentration curls- Ala Arnold in Pumping Iron

4 drop sets

Neck work: 4 sets

If you are into bodybuilding style workouts doing traps and biceps is a most satisfying pump and it doesn't take but forty minutes or so. Try it, you'll like it and chicks will stand in line to have sex with you while admiring your huge shoulder lumps.

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