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10/21/2012 6:34:01 PM -
Friday Bench and more stupidity

Bench w/dbl mini bands 95/135/185/225/275/315/365/405/455/475x3
Fat bar clean and press 165/225x1
Log clean and press 100/190/240/280x1
CSR 50 2x25
Cable rev grip curls 30 2x25

Bench went well. After that I just wanted to do a little pressing. I was planning on doing a couples strongman event going on here in CT in December. It looks like fun and it's for a dog shelter. I mean, come on.

Anyway, I just wanted to play with a few of the lifts and get familiar with them. Jess and I were going to enter the novice division as neither of us have ever done a NAS event. Plus, there would be less chance of me getting hurt.

Anyway, when pulling the log in with 280 for the press I felt my already repaired bicep pop twice. Did not tear it, not sure what I did actually, but it's still sore. Long story short, no strongman competition for me. My body is really only capable of benching well nowadays and I guess I should really be happy for that.

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