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10/22/2012 8:43:04 AM -
Recovery, Mobility, Assistance, Core, and Cardio work

Soft tissue work:

I used all my toys today. I hit the theracain, stick, rumble roller, ELITEFTS roller, lacrosse ball and trigger wheel. I hit each muscle that I could reach for about 15-20 seconds each.

Mobility work:

10 movements for 1 set of 10 each

Assistance work:

Chest supported T Bar row

1 plate for 8
2 plaates for 8
3 plates for 8
4 plates for 8
4 plates a 25 and a 10 for 8

Hammer Shrug

3 plates per side for 8
4 plates per sid efor 8
4 plates a 25 and a 10 per side for 8

Standing Ez bar curl

25 per side for 8
45 per side for 8
45 and a 25 per side for 6

Core Work:

Standing Paul off press

45 sets per side of 10 second holds for a total of 8 sets.


Treadmill on 3.5 speed for 20 minutes


5 minutes hitting all the major muscle groups for 1 stretch of 20-30 seconds each.


One of my goals this meet cycle was to focus on getting stronger on a few main assistance lifts. I chose the Tbar, Shrug, and the standing curl. The goal was to raise the weigh each week but keep the sets strict and tight. I have been able to do so each week on the Tbar and shrug but I definately hit a wall with the ez bar curl. I dont think I have used a 45 and a 25 on each side in 5 plus years with this. I stopped at 6 because if I went for 7 it would have been a knarly cheat curl at best.

Its funny how strength works. I remember being in my early college years when my bench was in the low 400s and being able to do all kinds of things that I cant even touch now. Obviously not in the big three but in my assistance lifts 20 year old Scott would hand 30 year old Scott my own ass in a workout. I couldnt even deadlift 585 without straps back then but I could sit and do seated militarys with 315 for sets of 8. Its all relative I guess. Im not sure to what it is relative to but thats just my way of saying who knows?

Scott Yard

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