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10/22/2012 3:51:21 PM - Steve Pulcinella
You know me, I can't complain . . .

The thing I like most about owning a gym is you never know who is going to walk through the door next. Sometimes it’s a drunk off the street who wants to use the bathroom, sometimes it’s a former contender to the heavyweight boxing crown now turned crack head trying to shake me down for cash, and sometimes it’s somebody really cool. The last couple days I have had the pleasure to watch one of the best raw lifters in the world train here. Mike Tuscherer (pictured here) has been in the area for a few days and has been stopping in to train and he is one impressive dude. Today I got the chance to watch him squat and I picked his brain a little about his training system which is very interesting and different. He uses a Tendo unit attached to the bar for each lift and all of his sets are based off of his current bar speed/power output and his level of fatigue. He always lifts at a high percentage, hits the main lifts sometimes every four days and I haven’t seen him do any kind of assistance work yet. A very interesting approach that obviously works for Mike.

Ok, now let me tell you something I HATE about owning a gym. As most of you know I absolutely live and bleed for this freaking place, it’s my whole life. Last week my water fountain drain line was blocked up and I couldn’t unclog it. I was waiting on my buddy to come in so he could fix it for me so I shut the water off. Not ONE person in this gym complained . . . TO MY FACE! But they all bitched about the lack of free, luke warm water to my employees or anyone else that would listen. One guy in here said he even heard a couple guys in a bar bitching about it over the weekend. Really you fuckers? Really? The giant bottles of ice cold spring water that I sell (and keep cool) for a dollar is too much for you? Yet you complain as you stand there in some dirty ass bar drinking a seven dollar bottle of beer? Then they have the nerve to accuse me of turning the water fountain off so it forces them to buy water. Oh what a crafty dick I am huh? That seventeen cent profit I make on those bottles might push me in a higher tax bracket, I better watch out! If they only knew that make literally ZERO dollars an hour working here and keep doing it out of nothing but pure passion they might just keep their fat mouths shut.

Of course none of my employees will tell me who the people that complained were because they saw how pissed I was getting over it. I really don’t remember promising anyone here a lifetime supply of free water when they signed up. As far as I’m concerned I couldn’t give a shit if these same people quit the gym and go somewhere else so there is more room here for MEN that want to TRAIN. By the way, the fountain is now fully operational once again, even though I really wanted to rip it off the wall and throw it at one of the complainers instead of fixing it.

We trained today but I’m so worked up now after writing all this that I don’t feel like talking about it.

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