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10/24/2012 1:15:20 PM -

I still haven't preformed a real training session since Oct 6th.

The time off has been good and bad as I have already noted.

I will begin training Saturday and the volume and load will be much lower than where I left off and ramp up slowly over time.

Yesterday I did start stretch and rehab time movements to address the hip bursitis, glute and lower back issue. This is WAY better than it was (for some time it was dull pain 24/7) but still has a long way to go before I can begin going ape shit with leg training.

I knew John (John Meadows) wanted to take a couple weeks off but didn't expect that he actually wanted me to take 3-4 weeks off.

I have lost 14 pounds, got fatter but am starting to feel better with each passing day.

John, if you are reading this do note I will NOT take this much time off ever again. This is 100% not me and I want to drive my head into a wall!

Dave Tate

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