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10/24/2012 2:45:09 PM - Steve Pulcinella
A meatheads guide to taking a proper gym mirror picture for Facebook.

A meatheads guide to taking a proper gym mirror picture for Facebook:

Step one: make sure you wear your EFS tank top for maximum swole exposure.

Step two: Do this workout-
Shrugs with cambered bench bar
The cambered bar doesn’t allow you to vault the bar off of your thighs so it forces you to do an honest shrug.

Reverse barbell curls:
All sets with 45 second rest

Standing concentration curls:
45lbs x 3 sets

Front neck raises: 5 sets of 12

Step Three: Now you are all pumped and ready take your photo in the mirror. Find a mirror somewhere in the gym that has good lighting and is distorted enough to make you look bigger than you are.

Step three: make sure your arms are in a bent position as to give them a fuller look. Don’t forget to jack up your shoulders a little to bunch your traps up high.

Step three: Hide your weak points, if your legs are skinny just crop them out of the photo or stand behind something. If your head is funny, wear a hat.

Step four: take a bunch of photos, make sure you get a good one. Take special note of each muscle group and make sure each one is properly flexed.

Step five: select the best picture and post it on your facebook page with a clever caption. Like “Beast Mode” or “Boooom” etc.

Step five: Sit back and wait for the chicks to comment on how awesome you look.

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