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10/25/2012 12:42:24 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Thursday training. New t-shirts available.

So here is a weird story. I had an appointment with my foot/ankle specialist to get my maimed foot looked at. It turns out that I developed an abscess in the area where I broke it two years ago and it was filled with smelly, infected puss. I know, I just keep getting sexier and sexier every day don’t I? The doc did what he needed to do and sent me away with a script for antibiotics. My body is strange, I literally never get sick, but I get infections rather easily. Once again, the sexiness just keeps on coming.

But here is the part that I thought was weird. His nurse wanted me to fill out three pages of paper work with more personal info because even though I had been in there a few dozen times they were changing to a new records system. I sort of half assed filling them out just so I could get through it faster (like I do with everything, including sex). As I was walking out of the office to leave the nurse came running after me saying I forgot to fill out one part. She said I left it blank where it said “race”. I thought it was odd that she didn’t just fill it in herself instead of chasing me, it’s not like I’m one of those people like Mariah Carey or Derek Jeter where you can’t really tell. She could clearly see I’m just a regular white dude and I really don’t know what they need that info for in the year 2012. So I just scribbled “FBH” on the paper real quick and walked away. She yells to me right when I got to the door, “Wait, what does FBH stand for?” I turned around and said, “Full Blooded Honkey!” and I walked out.

I came back to the gym and did a light shoulder workout:

Smith machine presses: 5x15

Superset rear delt raise and rear delt band pull: 5 sets of 12/12

Side raises and band front raise: 5 sets of 12/12

By the way, Iron Sport Gym has some new shirts on our online store. Grey dry fit shirts with our skull art work printed on it. They will make you look thick, nasty and yoked up like a muthafucka. Get one today!

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