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10/30/2012 7:14:57 PM -
First leg session back

After 42 weeks of straight high volume training the decision to take a few weeks off training was made Oct 5th. What you will see in these log posts will be a gradual increase in volume, workload and density. These variables will not increase at the same time and will also be dependent on movement selection.

During my time off there was no training at all, I ate what I wanted -- when I wanted. I did zero cardio, stretching or anything that even resembled training. I lived like the "normal person" got weak, lost weight and got fat. Now it's time to NOT be normal anymore.

If you want to watch the path from normal to training insane stay tuned. This won't happen in 1-2 weeks but rather over the course of a couple months.

Today was my first day training legs since the break. While my hip is still inflamed I will begin to work around and through it. In time it will get better. It should heal faster now that I am actually doing something for it.

The session began with 5 minutes of walking while increasing the grade 1% per minute. This isn't for cardio or even to warm up. It is to help build up the strength of my hip.

After this I did a bunch of lower back and hip mobility work. I did a series of movements until I found the ones I sucked at the most -- then I did 2-3 sets of each one of those.

This was a super easy session but I expect to be sore tomorrow. My last leg session was 4-5 weeks ago.

Leg Curls
* 3 warm up sets with 10 reps (with a weight I could do 50 with)
* 2 work sets of 10 (with a weight I could do for 30)

Leg Press
* 2 warm up sets
* 3 work sets of 15 with 5 plates per side. (I have done 12 plates for 15 reps so this was also light)

One Leg Extensions
* 3 sets 20

One Leg Pistol Box Squats
* 4 sets 5

Stretching for 10 minutes

Dave Tate

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