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11/1/2012 3:47:17 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Some gym stuff

Pop Pop Bob made a surprise visit to the gym this morning and trained with us. He’s busy with his new job as a traveling sales rep but entertained us with the awesomely stupid stuff he sees people do at the commercial gyms he now is forced to train in. Needless to say today ended up being a fairly low intensity, bullshitting around kinda workout. Bob seems to be the catalyst of all our fun because when he left the group the fun factor went way down. It was great to have him back. Hey, you got to have some damn fun in the gym with your boys now and then. We did manage to sneak a few exercises in somehow though.

Press with Swiss bar:
Worked up to 220 x 1, 135 x 10, 10, 14

Superset shrugs with cambered bar and rear deltoid raise: 4 x 15/15

Barbell curls: 6 sets

Dumbbell hammer curls: 4 drop sets

Gym observation #34,907: When you walk into the gym and walk up the local newspaper that is sitting on the counter and open it right up to the page with the cartoons and then chuckle out load, you are obviously is fucking simpleton and it’s highly unlikely you are on a mission to dominate. Seriously, if reading Dilbert is your first priority upon entering the gym you are brain dead and your family should consider pulling the plug on you.

Speaking of brain dead, today I bit my own finger TWICE eating a protein cookie. Like I bit it hard enough where I pulled it out real quick as if somebody else was biting it and actually got mad. But I didn’t know who I was mad at because I had done it to myself. It was so confusing.

Do you all remember my boy intern Mike? Well I’m very sorry to report that he is now a full blown, high sock wearing, wall ball tossing, Fran killing Crossfitter and even joined some over-priced CF gym/box. He now texts me on a semi daily basis regaling me with stories about how he is THE MAN down there kicking ass with all these big lifts he’s doing. I had to bring him down to earth and tell him that being the MAN at a crossfit gym is like big tits on a fat girl or like being the valedictorian of the special class, it doesn’t really count for much.

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