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11/2/2012 10:43:43 AM -
Question #1 to determine if your strength & conditioning guru is FOS

I just started a series on my Twitter Page @Underthebar based around how you can tell if your strength coach, trainer or internet guru is full of shit.

I will post a series of questions you can ask to test how well they really know their trade. While I do know to be a great coach or trainer may not necessarily mean they will know all the answers to these questions it will show if they have tried to extend their knowledge base past what they learned in school or through their basic certifications. As we all know their are way to many "experts" and not enough students.

I personally feel to be successful at anything means you will never become an "expert" but instead be a constant student of your trade.

I will make an effort to post each of these questions in my log. If you do not know the answers and are a student of the strength and conditioning trade use these questions as a guide for your continued research. Some of the answers can be found on as articles or past QA's. Some will require more research that can be found online or thought various resources found in many of the books offered in our online store.

The first question was posted last night.

Question #1 to determine if your strength & conditioning guru is FOS: Name and describe 5 methods of periodisation?

Dave Tate

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