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11/12/2012 2:48:12 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Monday training

Today is Veterans Day and I just wanted to really send out a heartfelt thank you for all our servicemen past and present. It’s an amazing thing you all do as well as the ultimate sacrifice. And I say this as a person who could never fathom putting my life on the line like that. Not only can’t I imagine that, I couldn’t even imagine joining the service at all. I just am not cut out for that way of life. I could only imagine how much I would be bitching and moaning about how hungry I am, how hot I am, how bad I had to poop, how much my feet hurt, how much it would suck that my mom wasn’t there to cook for me and do my laundry and how heavy my back pack is on those long ass hikes. Not to mention how bad I’d be shitting myself if I ever really got into battle and bullets were whizzing over my head. God bless you men and women.

I finally received my Compex portable stim unit on Friday and started using it on my banged up shoulder. I zapped my deltoid three days in a row so far and training today felt really good. I would definitely say I've had a remarkable improvement. Whether it’s just getting better on its own or was it all from the stim I don’t know. But my shoulder has definitely turned the corner. Of course I’m too stupid to actually make it function and too muscle bound to reach my own shoulder so I need my wife to set it up and put it on me while I sit there like a big retard.

Today I went light but kind of hard:

Narrow grip bench:
Worked up to 185 + 80 in band tension: 5 sets of 5 paused then repped out 12 touch and go on my last set. NO SHOULDER PAIN!

Low incline flyes: 5 sets of 15, lots of stretch and lots of squeeze on each.

Rolling dumbbell extensions: 5 sets till failure

Triceps push-ups: 5 sets till failure

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