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11/13/2012 8:55:27 AM -
Mobility, Assistance, Core, Cardio, and Recovery

The meet is now 3 weeks out. With only 3 Saturday workouts left (Including the one I did today) it’s time to start focusing on recovery. I won’t lower the intensity on the assistance work for the next two weeks but I will choose exercises that are easy on the low back and joints.

Mobility Work:

10 movements of 10 reps.

Assistance Work:

Neutral grip pull ups

3 sets of 8

Rope Face pulls

5 sets of 12

Rope hammer Curls

3 sets of 8

Core Work

Split Kneeling Pauloff holds

4 sets of 10 seconds each side for 8 total sets. I switched which leg was up every other set

Standing Pauloff holds

4 sets of 10 seconds each side for 8 total sets

Hanging Leg raises

3 sets of 15


20 minutes at 3.5 speed.

After Cardio and I went to the Gymnastics area and watched my kid while I did various stretches for 5 minutes.

I went home and finished up with some recovery stuff.

Soft tissue work

ELITEFTS roller on legs and hips

Rumble roller on entire back

Lacrosse ball on pecs, side legs, upper back, and delts

Stick on the pecs, forearms, biceps, triceps, lower legs, inner quads, hips and lats


Scott Yard

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