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11/14/2012 8:10:23 PM -
RSC - Phase 2 Day 4

Trained at a commercial gym. Not traveling this week but working locally. I was in a rush so I just knocked this out at the family joint. It's a nice place, the wife likes it for the kids and snacks etc.. I don't mind it, I get my shit in and done and could care less what another person is doing. I laugh at how frequently and easy some of folks get distracted by others... whatever.

This phase is kicking my ass, I'm not sure why, but the bouncing back and forth and high rep after doing 1's and 2's for so long for the olympia seems like a dramatic change or i'm currently in puss mode. Either way, check it out for me:

warmed up
A&C stuff (half assed)

1a. Bench Press - RPE 9
1b. DB reverse Lunge - RPE 9
5 total sets

2a. RDL's - RPE 9
2b. DB press - max reps
5 total sets

3a. Supinated band pull-apart - 15 reps
3b. band x-walks - 15 reps
4 total sets

I walked half a mile afterwards to cool down. The gym has a track inside so it made it tolerable.

I think this "high" volume stuff, well high rep stuff for me at least, is turning my body into a furnace. My weight was 178 the other day and clothes fit looser, not loose yet. It really doesn't matter to me and I sure as hell am not going to suddenly pursue 165 again. Just an observation and nothing else.

My raw strength is the gutter. But this stuff seems to trigger it, hopefully it bounces back soon.

In the last four weeks, I havn't used any gear, but today I brought out the wrist wraps. Little by little, brick by brick. Before you know, briefs-suit-knee wraps and then maybe a belt LOL...

Here are some sick stats:
Oct. 27th - 782, 562, 771 - 2116
*just knee wraps
Nov. 3rd - 826, 573, 804 - 2204
*just knee wraps

ONE WEEK IN-BETWEEN??????? add flying into the equation. How's that for performing?
Congrats to you Brandon Lilly.

Al Caslow

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