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11/17/2012 6:12:05 PM -
Assistance and Recovery day.

Boh decided to join me today at the YMCA. It was a nice change up from the typical quiet workout with the head phones. I have been on an Avenged Sevenfold kick for about 2 years now and I expanded my library. I picked up a few five finger death punch Cds and I’m a fan. I’m a big fan of the new A7X song “carry on”. It’s pretty bad ass. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

On to today’s workout. Today was a very minimal type of day. I wanted to mainly focus on some contrast work and recovery things. I’m over lifting weights right now and ready for the meet.

Before we did anything we sat in the sauna for 5 minutes. I sweated out some natural light and Vlad.

Barbell rows

135 for 8

225 for 8

315 for 8

We did these just for the hell of it. We didn’t feel like working up and deiced to bag them after 315. We are both doing USAPL North East championships in two weeks and we both are feeling beat up. To save the low back we just moved on to some pulls ups

Neutral grip Pull ups

1 set of 12 reps

Machine curls

3 light sets of 8

Leg raises

2 sets of 15

Sit ups

2 sets of 15

Recovery stuff


5 minutes

Cold Shower

30 seconds


5 minutes

Cold Shower 30 seconds

Whirl pool

5 minutes

I then went home and rolled my legs and back for about 5 minutes

After this I went and picked the family up and went back to the YMCA and we all went swimming in the warm water pool. I did some stretching and chilled out.

Tonight is movie night with the four year old and I have to go fire up the Nostalgic full sized pop corn maker. I love that thing.

Scott Yard

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