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11/19/2012 9:27:15 AM -

Been very busy so I haven't had time to keep my log updated as I should. Training has been moderate to average. The volume is almost normal and the weights being used are now bumping up some. My back and hip is still trashed and nothing seems to be helping. This issue has been going on since September creating constant and never ending pain through my ass and hip. I'm having an MRI done this Wednesday so we can find our exactly what it is. I'm willing to bet it has to deal with my L-5 but since the majority of the pain is in the hip and I have a history of arthritis and bone spurs (personal and family) we want to look here first and hopefully rule this out.

While this does cause pain 24/7 I have been able to train around it without having to change to much around. Because it always hurts there doesn't seem to be much I can do that makes it hurt worse so it's more a matter of making sure I don't do something really REALLY stupid. I can live with pain but breaking a hip would really suck.

Today I will train back and will try to log it in later. Yesterday was chest and my strength is S L O W L Y coming back so I only feel like a half tweed right now.

Dave Tate

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