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11/21/2012 8:12:53 PM -
Arm day and fantastic MRI fun.

After 42 weeks of straight high volume training the decision to take a few weeks off training was made Oct 5th. What you will see in these log posts will be a gradual increase in volume, workload and density. These variables will not increase at the same time and will also be dependent on movement selection.

During my time off there was no training at all, I ate what I wanted -- when I wanted. I did zero cardio, stretching or anything that even resembled training. I lived like the "normal person" got weak, lost weight and got fat. Now it's time to NOT be normal anymore.

If you want to watch the path from normal to training insane stay tuned. This won't happen in 1-2 weeks but rather over the course of a couple months.

* 3 warm up sets
* 4 work sets
-- 8 reps with each ball starting at top and working down.

-- all work sets were super sets with...

* 4 sets of 12

-- all work sets were taken to failure

* 2 warm up sets
* 4 work sets (drop sets - see video)

-- all work sets were super set with

* 2 warm up sets
* 4 work sets of 10

- all work sets were taken to failure.

* 2 warm up sets
* 4 work sets of 10
-- work set were taken 4-5 reps shy of failure

-- all sets super set with

* 2 warm up sets
* 4 work sets of 1o

3" Muscle Maceā„¢

If you have been following my log you already know I had an MRI thins morning. If you haven't been following my log and are reading this, now you know. The MRI was for hip issues I have been dealing with since September. After today I will no longer complain about the 24-7 pain this has been causing me because now I know it can be WORSE.

I can't stand MRI's (and have had a bunch) because you can't move AT ALL. If you do they have to redo the image. You can go YEARS without ever having your nose or balls itch but as soon as you get pushed into the unit everything starts to itch like crazy.

I was mentally ready for the "balls itch" and any other itch or uncomfortable situation -- so I thought.

Before they shoved me in the magnetic coffin they pulled out what look like a small short band and put it around my feet pulling my feet inward. Now if you have ever had any type of hip issue this is a position you try to avoid (expect for rehab work) because it hurts like CRAZY. This position isn't the same dull ache that never stops but a pain that runs from your upper glute around to you hip, down the side of your leg, back inward across the top of your knee, to the outside of your shin, settling on the outside of your foot. It doesn't throb but feels like a knife cutting down your leg with intense pressure.

I didn't mention this pain to the technician because of meathead rule 212-4C (never look like a pussy) and figured it would calm down, go numb or go away. I was W R O N G. It was on fire the entire time. I was told this would take 45 minutes so I...

starting counting -- that didn't help.

tried meditation - that didn't work.

tried to fall asleep -- that didn't work.

tried finding my "zen state" -- that didn't work.

Nothing worked!

FINALLY it was over...

They pulled my ass out and I could move either arm because they both feel asleep (I didn't notice this at all due the the fire running down my leg for 45 minutes). After what seemed to be around 5 minutes (I sure it was less than 30 seconds) they took the damn band off my feet.

I suggested that a rope would have done the same thing and been more comfortable. This is when I was told they WANTED the muscle to be in a contracted state because it's easier to see tears. This is what I called VITAL info to know BEFORE hand. I'm not sure what I would have done differently but I know I wouldn't have mentally prepared for my balls itching.

My doctor will be called with the results before Friday. I will also pick up a disc of the images on Friday as well. For those who have never been through this ALWAYS ask for you own copies. While they say they will get the info to the doctor within 24 hours NEVER trust this will happen. More times than not it wont and you will end up going back and forth on the phone with the doctors office and where the MRI was done. In the past I have spent 2-3 weeks trying to sort this out. When you have a copy you never have to deal with this crap.

I spent the rest of the day looped up on pain meds telling everyone "Happy Halloween". I'm positive the bank teller thinks I am a complete idiot.

Dave Tate

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