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11/22/2012 11:53:00 AM - Steve Pulcinella
Thursday stuff

I had a long ass thanksgiving eve yesterday. I was at the gym for almost 15 hours and was freaking exhausted when I got home. It seems like the more that time goes on and the busier the gym gets the more hours I end up working. So there I was flat on my back, helpless in front of the TV at 8:00 on the biggest kick ass, super spectacular party night of the year. This was not the most distressing part of the story though.

As I channel surfed my way through one shitty show after another I was suddenly captivated by the reality saga of the trials and tribulations of a young girl and her journey through the junior beauty pageant circuit in the deep south. The show is called ‘Here comes Honey Boo Boo’, maybe you’ve heard of it. Of course you have, that little fat fuck is everywhere, even TMZ follows her around now. The show was distressing on so many levels, but it wasn’t the fact that this family lived in total squalor, it wasn’t the fact that that some little fat, half retarded redneck is more famous than me, it wasn’t the fact that these people were born and raised in America, were speaking English and still needed sub titles, it wasn’t even the fact that the entire family were morbidly obese. The most distressing part to me was that the father of this family appears to be a drunken loser with no job, dines on Coca Cola and Skoal, lives in a trailer with freight tracks running through his back yard and yet drives the exact make and model, same year and color of truck as I do! I worked 75 hours in the past week, I am running a successful business, I just wrote a book that’s on sale through EliteFTS and, I have multiple streams of income coming in and not to mention I am Dave Tate’s right hand man and yet still I am doing no better in the whip department than Honey Boo Boo’s cracked out father. I now must re-evaluate my life.

Today was our usual busy Thanksgiving Day at the gym. It's always fun working on Thanskgiving because so many guests Me and my guys did some training this morning.

Clean combos:
100kgs (220lbs)
1 pull, 1 clean, 1 press
2 pulls, one clean, 2 presses
3 pulls, one clean, 3 presses
4 pulls, one clean, 4 presses
5 pulls, one clean, 5 presses
6 pulls, one clean, 6 presses
Finished off with 70kgs x 15 presses

Superset: dumbbell side raises/band front raises: 4 x 12/15

Rear delt dumbbell raises: 4 x12

Alternate dumbbell curls: 4x10

Machine preacher curls: 4x12

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