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11/23/2012 11:58:46 AM -
12 Days out from USAPL North East Regional Championships

So the meet is 12 days out and it’s clean up time. All the prep is officially done and now it’s time to take it easy and start visualizing success.

Tonight’s agenda was to come in and get thoroughly warmed up and work up to a weight somewhere in the middle of my last warm up and a possible opener. I went through my full warm up that I use at the meet.

Warm up

Mobility work:

Push up plus, Wall slides, Peck mobs, Upper back twist on all fours, Spider man walk, Prone knee raise, Dorsey flexions, Standing knee raise and a few more.

1 set of 10 reps each movement.

Indian clubs: 20 swings each arm

Soft tissue work:

About 10-15 seconds each spot of the following.

Rumble roller on entire back

ELITEFTS roller on legs

Lacrosse ball on pecks and delts

Stick on forearms, biceps, and triceps

About 10-15 seconds each spot


145 for 5

235 for 3

325 for 2

415 for 1

525 for 1 Ill most likely open in the 565 range.


Bar for 15

135 for 10

225 for 2

315 for 1

425 for 1 Ill most like open in the 435 range


135 for 2

225 for 2

315 for 1

405 for 1

525 for 1 Ill most likely open at 600 here but I always undershoot my deadlift numbers close to the meet. My pull gets easily over done and I am always in prevent mode.


So next week is a deload week. Ill deload all lifts on Tuesday the 27th and then the meet is that Sunday on December 2nd. I’m very excited to get on the platform next Sunday. I just realized this will be my third weight class this year. 231 in March, 242 in April, and now 275 in December. All 2 hour weigh ins. It has been nice to slob it up the latter part of this year after dieting hard the first part of 2012. I do not love being this heavy again. I hit the scales at 265 today. The heaviest I have been since March of 2011. My strength is the best it’s been all year but shameless I had to put away my skinny jeans and break out the fat boy pants. It has been a well served “plumping” phase though these past three months though. With my new born now hitting the three month mark my lifting would have gone in the shitter with awful sleep and a strict diet. I plan to tighten things up post meet and cruise into the 250s and then after a month or two cruise into the 242s for a meet in March of 2013.

I may be tired and Fat right now, But at least I am tired, fat and strong instead Tired skinny and weak.

12 more days

Scott Yard

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