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11/23/2012 3:10:51 PM -
BLACK Friday.

This has been a GREAT day!

The heavy traffic broke our site for an hour earlier today but it did show us somethings we needed to change that we would not have seen any other way so it was a blessing in disguise. Once we are done with all the maintenance the speed of the site will be WAY faster.

While this was all going on (because there was nothing else to do but wait) I popped in the disc of my MRI to see what it looked like. The technology they use for these is way better than the last time I had one. I was able to see all the imagining. While I can't really tell what is going on I did see my "balls" and while it cracked me up it was nice to know they were still there.

The other good news is all the muscle and tendons are fine. The bad new is the joint isn't so hot.

Here are some of the highlights form the results.


There are moderate to severe degenerative changes to the left hip along with trace hip joint effusion.

The left superior labrum is diffusely degenerated/torn and there is a small associated paralabral cyst.

On the large field-of-view coronal sequences, there is also evidence for mild degenerative change to the
right hip as well as findings suggesting a tear of the right superior labrum with an adjacent paralabral

I am not 100% confident this is the source of the problem I am dealing with. My "Meathead" logic is this.

These results show the same issue on both the left and right side. What I didn't post is the size of the cyst on the right side is bigger than the left. All of my pain is on the left side. According to my logic if this was the reason I would have pain on both sides or on the opposite side I do now. While I do not know for sure yet I do think the next step will be an MRI on my lower back. I have corresponded with my doctor and he does feel taking a look at my lower back would be a good idea. From old MRI's I know there are already issues there so I'm interested to see if they are worse or not.

As a side note it has been suggested by three professionals that I should drop my weight back down to 220-230 and keep it there.

Dave Tate

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