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11/24/2012 3:40:05 PM -

Foam roll upper
Dynamic warmup
Band warmup
Incline bench 45/95/135x10, 225/315x3, 365/405x1, 500 2x2 (missed 3rd rep on 1st set)
2 board press 320/410/500/590x1 600x0
CSR 45x20
Standing dbl ohp 35x20
Dbl curls 20x20

Was really pi$$ed at myself for missing the 3rd rep on the incline. In my defense I was tipping the utility bench backwards with my leg drive. Regardless, it got heavy quickly. Being upset about the miss I took another set. I figure 2 sets of 2 equals 4 and that beats 1 set of 3.

I was in no mood for reps on the supplemental lift. Decided to just go with singles. That's the great thing about not having a plan written out at this time. I'm just lifting. The 590 was a grind. My form was off so I thought I could do it right and put together one more set. That was not the case. I was spent.

I used to freak out about missing weights in the gym. Didn't really care this time. I figure sometimes you just have to let it all hang out. If you always hit everything you might be leaving a little too much in the tank. We'll see how it all works out. I do know this, I felt like a bag of broken "Richards" after the session.

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Didn't even need a calculator,
Vincent Dizenzo

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