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11/25/2012 11:04:45 AM -
Recovery and Mobility work with 8days left.

8 Days out and feeling ready.

I started the today off with an easy slow 10 minute walk on the treadmill at 2.8 speed. I wanted to get my legs warmed up for all the mobility and stretching to come. In August dropped the cardio back to only once a week this training cycle and my legs feel pretty fresh right now. I decided to drop all cardio 3 weeks out and I think it was smart choice.


10 movements for 2 sets of 10 each

Movement included Push up plus, Wall slides, Peck mobs, Upper back twist on all fours, Spider man walk, Prone knee raise, Dorsey flexions, Standing knee raise and a few more.

I then stretched for 10 minutes

I hit each major group for 2 stretches of 30 seconds each.

I then went home and did the following soft tissue work.

About 10-15 seconds each spot of the following.

Rumble roller on entire back, glutes, and hips

ELITEFTS roller on legs

Lacrosse ball on pecks, side legs, hips and delts

Stick on forearms, biceps, and triceps.


Now I’m heading to the Hibachi Buffet for sushi and general tsos.

Scott Yard

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