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11/26/2012 4:24:55 PM - Steve Pulcinella
The Iron Sport Strength Method injury protocal.

The following is a sample page from my E-book "Iron Sport Strength Method" . . .

Let me give you some examples of how I categorize and handle MY injuries:

Torn callous or laceration: rub some chalk in it, or in some cases use athletic or duct tape. Keep training as

Muscle pull or strain: Finish the workout as planned, ice the area later if I get a chance. Usually by the time
I get home I forget all about it.

Minor muscle tear with bruising: Finish the workout, maybe work around the tear, make sure I ice it when
I get home.

Major muscle tear with severe pain: Throw shit around the gym, curse a lot, train a different lift other than
the one that I had planned to that day. Take liberal amounts of Ibuprofen, ice and possibly whiskey when I get

Minor connective tissue injury (e.g. in torn meniscus or optic nerve): finish workout and see doctor
when I get a chance, schedule surgery if needed. Tell surgeon to hurry it up because I have to keep on training
and I have meets coming up. Do not show up to any follow up visits nor listen to the doctors’ advice on how long
I should stop training.

Broken bones: I used to go to the hospital for broken bones but I don’t like being confined to casts so now I usually
just tape them up and keep training as best as I can.

Major connective tissue tear (e.g. achilles, biceps or quadriceps tendons): Fly into an unnecessarily
violent rage, cause structural damage to the building that I happen to be in, run to my surgeon, get the surgery,
formally announce my retirement from competition, claim I’m giving away all my equipment, burn my kilt, sink
into a deep depression, take all my pain killers in one night, train like a bodybuilder for a while, disregard any of
my doctors recommendations, finally realize that I am in fact going to make a full recovery then stage a triumphant
comeback! (I have lived out this scenario about five or six times so far.)
Yes, I’m a bit of a psycho. In fact I might look downright insane to some people. I’m sure you would think the
same thing if you saw what a lot of other strongmen and lifters go through as well. The fact is, I personally know
athletes who are way worse than me and have come back from more than what I have.

I’m really not trying to
illustrate that I’m some kind of hard ass, tough guy here. I’m just trying to show you that if you expect any kind
of success when strength training or any athletics are concerned you can’t give up and have to just fight through
these injuries and treat them as merely minor setbacks. If you want to preserve your body for your old age you
would be a lot safer playing chess.

The Iron Sport method E-book is on sale now so grab while it's cheap.

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