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11/27/2012 6:53:15 AM -
Sports specific training


Floor press w/25 lb plates under elbows 45 2x10 added mini short bands 95/135/185/225/275/315/365/405/425x5

Yep, my sport is benching, so this was very sport specific. I made a deal with myself that if I hit 405 with the bands for 5 I could skip assistance. With as banged up as I felt, 365 was not easy.

For the 405 I cranked the music so loud in the basement that Jessica could not even hear the tv upstairs with the volume all the way up. I gutted out the 405. The last rep was a good grind. However, I was not satisfied.

I am not following a specific written plan for this cycle. I just have an outline. I know my top set on floor press since following more of a rep protocol on my second bench day was 425 for 6. So I wanted 425 for 5 with the bands. Rep 3 was tough. Rep 4 was barely ground to the top. I didn't care, I was going for that fifth rep. I have a safety strap set up, but I don't want to test it if I don't have to. So, basically I had to get it and I did

I feel like I pushed myself to the wall and past it. These sessions are necessary. I got more out of this session than had I hit a good 365 with the bands and did two hours of assistance.

Oh yeah, just to explain, I use the 25 lb plates under my elbows to restrict the range of motion. My pecs have been brutalized. That little difference really saves me from further damage.

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