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11/28/2012 3:38:33 PM -
Submaximal weights

As a result of conversations with guys like James Smith, Landon Evans, et al, I’ve long been a fan of block periodization and the idea of training with submaximal weight. When I run through a training cycle, I’m generally starting with a few GPP weeks where I’m going from 40-50%, increasing my volume on all the assistance work to get my work capacity rolling. This is always done with short rest periods.

I’m always preaching to my players about not letting get anything in the way of training, and it’d all be wonderful to have an unbroken string of training cycles culminating in meets year-round, but that hasn’t been the case this year. I’ve had a lot of stops and starts with these cycles after some major changes in my life. I changed jobs, I had two major moves, and a few other things happened that caused me to spend more consecutive days away from the gym than I wanted to.

It’s not like I ever stopped training, however, and there’s a point to this. When something came up, like a big move, that caused me to miss a few days in a row and have a shit week, I would drop down and pick things up from a few weeks earlier. In other words, if it was 70% week, but I knew I wasn’t going to be anywhere near a gym for four days out of a week, I’d drop it back down to 55-60% the following Monday and go from there. That has happened continuously this year, and I’ve really only gotten up over 90% in two cycles. So, for pretty much this entire calendar year of training, out of about 50 weeks, I’ve probably been in the 60-80% range for 45 of them.

The result? Well, I’ll go into WHY I’m doing this tomorrow, but I took a three-rep max in the deadlift today, and I ended up working up to three reps of about 40 pounds less than my all-time PR. I hadn’t taken an absolute max in my deadlift for at least a year – no meets, and as I said, my training was ALL submaximal this year. I didn’t take a 1-RM, but I probably had about 70-80 pounds left in me. My numbers aren’t huge by the standards of this site, but enough people know me to know they’re not exactly embarrassing, either. I can deadlift a little, and my numbers have been at a point where they don’t jump like this for years now.

The conclusion? There’s some truth to this submaximal training shit.

Angry Coach

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