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11/28/2012 3:48:18 PM - Clint Darden
Today I Got Arrested

Hey guys, it is after 11 PM here and I'm finally getting home and settled.

A few of you know that they have given me issues with my house. It seems that the government will not sell a house to a foreigner here...and I've been living in my house for a year and I paid for it before that and secured the loans nearly 2 years ago. They also refused to fix my paper work so I can become a citizen after 8 1/2 years, marriage and a child. After some serious issues they finally sent me the papers for my house 2 weeks ago after months of "you will have to leave your house till we can finish your application in 2 years".

On top of that, I was asked to go and compete in September in Slovakia but could not because I do not have my legal travel papers from the Government here...that I applied for in the first week of June. Again they called to ask me to go to Slovakia to compete in December but I still do not have my papers.

Last week they cut off the electricity at my gym AGAIN. My bills have always been under $15 for 2 months for my gym's electricity. Out of the blue I start getting huge bills which ended up with me paying more for 8 hours of a CD player running that I did for my entire house in the summer. I had to pay that just so they would agree to come and "investigate" what is going wrong. 4 Months later they change my electric meter. 2 months after that leads us up till last week when they cut it and sent me a $600 electric bill...doubling the outrageous bill that I had to pay last time. Amazing..the two months after they changed my meter I'd used less than $15 worth of electricity in 2 months. So I've spent the last week with the electric company almost daily arguing with them and finally they just told me "You can't PROVE anything. Who will a judge believe...a foreigner like you or ME?".

We had to call in some favors and pull some strings but they finally reduced my bill to around $300 on Friday and after threatening to go the the TV and newspapers (I have friends that run a TV station) they cut it all the way down and I paid $50 on Tuesday.

Brings us to Tuesday night. One of the children which comes to our Autism Center started speaking a couple of weeks ago. Autism can not be cured and we do not believe in such things and my wife does NOT take credit for it...but the mother has been having issues getting her insurance company to pay ANYTHING. They just stopped paying completely for everything for the child. And he is such a freaking doll too. Father left them when the boy was diagnosed...hurts to think about.

Her insurance company sent me a long letter late last night that I had till 0800 Wednesday (this morning) to legally protest in writing for his continued support. So I was up till very late last night and again this morning to get him what he needed...and I'm still waiting. At the point where I went to sleep last night I was so mentally strained I could barely hold back my nerves and tears.

Which left me very tired with the plans of picking up my son from school at 1:00, playing on the playground till 1:45, coming straight home and sleeping on the couch till when freaking ever....then catching up on work. My son falls asleep in my car the moment we leave the school parking lot and I had my camera in the car. Top down we drove through some of our village streets and I just get out of the car and take pictures here and there of different things I find beautiful.

It is one of the most relaxing things that I've found to do as it isn't very taxing on the body, there is always something to learn, and I shoot better when I'm quiet and relaxed...and I can just get lost looking for the next great photo. I even stopped to talk with an old couple with a million year old tractor still running in front of their house. The elder gentleman came out the front door with his lunch box in his hand, wife right behind him to give him a kiss before he got back on the tractor. She saw me taking pictures and came over to talk to me for a few minutes about where I was from and what I was doing. Said that they would have posed for me had they known.

Ninety minutes later I'm standing on my front porch with my son and my dog, still taking pictures of them, trees, flowers, etc...when my wife calls me. There is a warrant out for my arrest and if I'm not AT the police station by 6 PM they will come and arrest me. Someone has said that I was at their house taking pictures of their house and invading their privacy. The police said "Is your husband a VERY large man with a long beard driving a BMW Z3 with license plate.....".

4:00 comes and I get my son to dance class and since I now have 2 hours to kill before I go in The Slammer I just walk around the neighborhood around his dance school and take about 200 more pictures.

6:00 rolls around and I'm walking into the police station. Now, I do know my rights. If I can see it, I can shoot it. Public means that I can take your picture. You sitting behind a wall or near a sign that says private, no pictures, etc...means I can't. I walk in and they ask me to have a seat with my wife and several more police officers come in and stand around. We waited a few minutes for the police to show up and remember that it is in my "village". Think "happy, helpful" police...they don't have pepper spray much less guns.

Finally the policeman steps out, half way only, from behind the wall and says in English "You must be the guy?". He asks me if I was out shooting today, what I shoot, did I shoot any houses, etc... He asks to see my photos and I inform him that he does not have the right to touch or look at my camera, my SD card, or any of my images. He agrees then turns to my wife and begs her to ask me to please just take out my camera and show him. I went to the car to get my camera and while I was gone a few more officers stepped into the room and was talking to my wife. Now, THIS is where you can't make up my life. The lady had called and said that I was taking pictures of her property and that I was a spy for either the CIA or the FBI and wanted to report me to the authorities as being a spy. The police officer handed me the arrest warrant in which it was made out for "Clint Eastwood". Seriously...this can't be made up. The guy pretends to look at my photos while I thumb through them on my camera at which point he asks me "Sir, ARE you a spy?". After looking at him and not saying a word he TELLS me to delete any pictures which contain any houses in them. Of course I said "No, I know my rights and I don't have to." He says "OK, I just had to ask you to and from what I can took more than 500 photos all marked after 1:30 today and none of them contain any houses."

At that point I hear the other police officer look at my wife and say "this is like something from the movies. You are married 25 years and then you find out that he works for the CIA...". My wife looks at him and says "Well, at least I'll be able to brag to all of my fiends that I spent 25 amazing years in bed with 007!". The officer looks at me with a straight face and says "It is OK, the woman must have seen you and got scared. Size matters.".

All I could think of to say was "I have clients paying me for my time. I had to find a baby sitter for my son. My wife had to cancel appointments with paying clients IN NEED , YOU have seen ME right down the street before taking pictures and we talked about it, and you felt it was necessary to make an Arrest Warrant out for Clint Eastwood?"

Anyway...I'm squatting heavy in the morning and again in the afternoon tomorrow. After that I will probably pick up McDonald's, a cheese cake, a chocolate cake, probably a good bit of bourbon, and sleep till Friday...when I will then squat again as soon as I wake up.

But I'll catch up soon...very soon.

The Controversial Album:


007 Did Drive a BMW Z3,
Clint Darden

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