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11/30/2012 4:59:00 PM -
Farming it out

I’ve heard it said that there are two things every man thinks he knows how to do (even if he sucks at them): fighting and driving. In my experience, I’d have to add training to that list, at least with regard to guys who’ve either played or coached a sport—and especially when they’ve had something to do with strength and conditioning.

I’m no exception to this rule. I think I can drive, I definitely think I can fight pretty well, and I’ve always programmed my own training. Always, to the point of wondering why the personal training profession even existed. I mean, who the hell doesn’t know how to exercise, right?

Well, my thoughts about who programs my training were shaken up a while back when I found out that John Meadows was doing a lot of Dave Tate’s programming. What the f**k? This is DAVE TATE—one of my training role models, and probably the guy I’ve learned the most about this stuff from over the years. Actually f**k “probably.” I can honestly say I’ve learned more about training from Dave than anyone alive. By far. So, when I found out Dave was farming out his programming to the Mountain Dog, I was a little taken aback.

I asked Meadows about this, and he basically told me that Dave was an exceptionally busy guy who just wanted to put this stuff in the hands of someone he trusted, and not worry about it all the time. I definitely know that feeling. I’m busy, too, and I’m constantly thinking about my own programming to the point of distraction.

I thought a little bit about this, and finally figured that since I know so many top-flight guys in this industry, it’s about time I asked one or two of them to take a look at what I’m doing and help me out. That’s what I’ve done. Since I’m nobody’s version of a nutrition expert, all my diet information comes from other sources, so that’s being taken care of. My training, however, I’ve always done myself, but not anymore. For the first time in years, I’m outsourcing it and letting someone else tell me what to do—and yeah, it’s someone you’ve heard of.

What I wanted was to just be an athlete for while. I don’t know how long this is going to last, but I just wanted to be able to show up to the gym with a plan that someone else thought out for me. I just want to walk in and do what I’m told, then go home, the way I used to do when I played. I don’t want to go home and obsess over it. I want someone to lay out a challenge for me, and I want to focus on nothing by beating whatever it is.

This requires a totally different mindset, but that’s okay. It’s the mindset I want, and it’s one I’d suggest for those of you who’ve been programming your own training for a long time. It has me much more focused in training, and I’m walking into the gym looking to own this s**t instead of trying to think my way through everything. If you know someone you trust with your training, let them give it a shot. If you have the money, try correspondence coaching with one of the guys on this site who offer it. I’ve had a great first week using someone else’s programming, and I’d highly suggest doing this if you’re in a rut.

I’ll talk about who, exactly, this is in later posts.

Angry Coach

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