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12/5/2012 3:27:11 PM -
Catching up training log

I am in the process of defining what my next chapter of training will be.

I will define this later as more facts come in. Through a series of several MRI's, X-Rays and Multiple Doctor Opinions (more to come) many aspects of my training and my expectations will have to change.

The way things look, as of now, I have degenerative disc disease (aka Osteoarthritis) and two joints are beyond scope repair and at some point in time will need to be replaced. There is also degeneration is every joint we have looked at and the general consensus is that it is pretty much everywhere.

I say this is a new chapter instead of the next phase because while many things will stay the same - there will have to be many modifications and additions to what I have been doing. I also need to do much more research before really describing how this will proceed.

For now I will stay with the same protocol and adjust as needed and note why. Over time I will add things I think will help instead of destroy my joints any further as well as some of my thoughts on the matter.

The journey begins

For now my overall goal is not strength, size, fat loss, mobility or flexibility. I am just training hard and getting all the tests done to see what I have to deal with. Tomorrow will be the last of 3 MRI's. I already posted the results of my hip MRI a week or two ago. Once I get the shoulder I will post them all together. Should make for some interesting conversation.

To keep this easy and simple Saturday was Back day and Sunday was Chest Day.

Training on both these days went well, my overall volume is back up and my strength is coming back. These sessions were basically Advanced Mt Dog Training with the only adjustments being the use of the shoulder saver pad on any of the pressing movements and trying (not hard enough) to keep my back flat.

Monday was a day off.

Yesterday was leg day. Knowing that I was going to see the Ortho today I wanted to make sure I killed my legs the best I could.

With my back - I am not comfortable squatting (yet) and am smart enough at this point to know what movements I need to avoid and what ones I can do.

Here is how the training broke down...

Warm Ups and Stretching - A TON

Lying Leg Curls
* 4 warm up sets of 1-15
* 4 work sets of 10 (adding 10lbs each set)

Leg Press
* 7 warm up sets of 10
* At 14 pps did a strip set of 14x10 / 9x10 / 7x10 / 5x50

Hack Squats
* 3 warm up sets
* 2 sets 10 with 3pps and 5 chains ps

Leg Extensions
* 2 sets of 20 with 20 partials

Back Raises
* 1 set of 50

** This was the first leg session since Oct that felt hard and brutal. While my hip and back felt like shit it was good to know I could push this hard and not break anything.

A couple hours later at home hit the hot tub and spent 20 minutes stretching.

Tomorrow I get to wake up bright and early and go in to the magnetic coffin again.

*** I would like to publicly thank Tommy Fannon for his advice in regards to my bone and joint issues. We have fought and are fighting many of the same battles and it nice to know there are always people you can connect with when you have questions or simply want to ask "Would you do it again?". SO many people like to bitch and complain about how the internet has ruined strength and conditioning and Strength Sports. I extremely disagree. If all you look for is the bad then this is what you will find. When you look for the good you will not find a better network source in the world.

Dave Tate

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