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12/13/2012 6:04:04 PM -
Yesterday and the rest of the week

I am in the process of defining what my next chapter of training will be.

I will define this later as more facts come in. Through a series of several MRI's, X-Rays and Multiple Doctor Opinions (more to come) many aspects of my training and my expectations will have to change.

The way things look, as of now, I have degenerative disc disease (aka Osteoarthritis) and two joints are beyond scope repair and at some point in time will need to be replaced. There is also degeneration is every joint we have looked at and the general consensus is that it is pretty much everywhere.

I say this is a new chapter instead of the next phase because while many things will stay the same - there will have to be many modifications and additions to what I have been doing. I also need to do much more research before really describing how this will proceed.

For now I will stay with the same protocol and adjust as needed and note why. Over time I will add things I think will help instead of destroy my joints any further as well as some of my thoughts on the matter.

Here is my log post that recaps what I am dealing with.

Dave Tate Training Log

The journey begins

Last weekend we (My training partners and I - John Meadows and Ryan Smith) decided it would be best if I used the week for all my rehab work with the exception of training delts and arms. This would place legs on Saturday, and Chest and Back on Sunday. This way they can keep an eye on me to make sure I don't do stupid shit and to make sure my posture and technique is dead on in relationship to the rehab I am working with.

My rehab for the past two weeks has been two days a week of MAT therapy and two days a week of Chiropractic Therapy and traction. I decided to go this route over the traditional PT that has never done anything for me in the past. This isn't a knock on PT because my MAT Therapist is also an ART therapist as well as a Physical Therapist. Meanwhile my Chiropractor is also an ART guy. I have also known they both for a very long time, they both know my history and expectations (walk without a limp, less pain and no surgery). They are also open to do whatever they know to help with the problem (no stuck in just one way).

It is agreed that I have a lot of work to do and a long way to go and I have agreed to do what they recommend.

To this point most of the work have been testing, analysis, adjustments and traction.

At home I use a heating pad as often as I can and get in the hot tube twice a day.

Now onto the training.

I have been instructed to not do anything to stress the hip or lower back. I was also told no extra rehab work on my own at this time.

My instructions were to keep it simple, do a lot of warm up sets, lower the weight and slow the tempo way down. So I am still using John's training - it's just modified when needed.


Grenade Mace Pushdowns
Seated Dips
Prone Kickbacks
* as super set
* 3 warm up sets
* 4 work sets with reps between 10-15

Tricep Machine
* super sets
* 2 warm up sets
* 4 work sets of 10-12

Barbell Curls
* 5 sets of 10 with progressive weights (last 2 sets to failure)

Hammer Curls
* 5 work sets of 10 (2 reps shy of failure)

Preacher Machine Curls
* 3 work sets of 10 (to failure)

I am holding back on shoulders this week until I see how they feel after training back and chest on the same day this Sunday. If they can handle this OK I will add a shoulder day in during the week.

The overall status on back and hip is I feel it is a tad better. By this I mean 1-2%. I ca sit longer without pain, I can sleep without pain but I can't walk without a limp or pain and if I cam on my feet for too long (30 minutes or so) I am screwed for the next few hours.

Dave Tate

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