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12/19/2012 5:41:14 PM - Clint Darden
A Little Reality

Since my luck is on a great streak...

Yesterday afternoon I began getting some itching in my throat. By bed time it felt like it hurt. Through the night my wife kept punching me (AKA assisting me) telling me that I was snoring. After a grand total of a few minutes of sleep last night I get in touch with a cousin to help me get to see a Doctor ASAP as I could barely breathe.

Fearing Strep since I can't take antibiotics and nobody seems to understand what Ulcerative Colitis is I walk into this office that just seems like it is what I imagine a DRs office in Mexico would look like in an 80's movie to our tried and trusted Dr. Yes, I have free medical just like everyone else if I'll just drive up the street and wait in line for 12-16 hours to see a Dr...but I didn't want to wait that long. Dr took one look in my mouth, panicked and turned around to his medicine cabinet and began filling a syringe.

No, you don't need antibiotics, you can't take them anyway...drop your pants NOW! He hit me with a needle I can only assume is reserved for elderly Rhinos but within moments my throat had began to open just a little. Said that the next time I go off eating exotic food (I did have Mexican Tuna Salad with basmati rice) I don't need to even put on socks or a shirt...just stumble into the ER and start kicking everything that gets in my way till they give me a multitude of injections...that I was almost a gonner.

Sent me on my way holding a nice knot on my rear end and a list of instructions for meds to buy.

Sent my training partner a text message since he is a nurse "Hey man,...explanation...don't call, just let me know how I can get these meds..." Then he calls :)

Got all my meds and loaded up on allergy stuff and cortisone as well and I'll stick to Tequila for my Mexican fix for a while. I do have a eye out for a bottle of Herradura Anejo and Jose Cuervo Family Reserve Extra Anejo so...

Just as it started to really hit me how close I came today...I got a call from someone about one of my employees. She was 7 months pregnant with twins and lost both of them today. Then it all kinda becomes REAL when you think about how bad your day has been before noon and then you just mentally put yourself into their shoes for a moment.

Where ever you are when you read this, send up a quick prayer or positive thought for a wonderful young lady named Nikoletta and her two beautiful babies.

Clint Darden

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