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12/20/2012 3:22:25 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Another lesson in customer service from a surly gym owner.

A quickie shoulder workout for ya today. I was in a rush to get done so I can go back to hating everything and liking nothing. There has been so much action, drama and craziness going on in the gym lately that by the end of the day I want to run out of there screaming. I had one guy totally freak out in the middle of his lame workout and started screaming at two of my strongmen the other night. He threatened to end his membership because the strongmen were slamming the circus dumbbell down and it was hurting his ears. And somehow he claimed they were doing it to him on purpose because they knew he had super hearing and it bothered him more than it bothered everyone else.

Really dog ears? My strongmen have found out your secret super power and were trying to capitalize on it in order to render you helpless? Guess what jackass, training hard and slamming shit is what we do here! There are plenty other quiet gyms around . . . like every other gym in the state EXCEPT THIS ONE, MORON! Your forty dollars a month don’t mean SHIT to me! Yes kids, another lesson in customer service for you. Don’t take shit from anybody, especially your clients!

By the way, that circus dumbbell sounded like someone was hitting the Liberty Bell with a sledge hammer. Holy crap it was loud.

Standing presses with Swiss bar:
135x 8
165x 8
205 x 6 sets of 2
135 x 12
135 x 15
My shoulder felt awful pressing today

Rear delt dumbbell raise supersetted with band pull-a-parts:
4 sets of 15/15

YTI raises:
3 sets of 10 reps in each position

Upright rows supersetted with band front raises:
3 sets of 12

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